Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~* Ms. Bright Side Award *~

Ohmygoodness, just wanted to thank Tracy for this sweet blog award! This is my first one :)! You're such a sweetie and I would like to pass it along to you too! Thanks for your friendship and support girl :)!

In receiving this award, I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy, five pieces of trivia about myself, and then pass the award along to five fellow bloggers.

TEN THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY -- {Sorry so random ;p'}
1. My family ~ I so {heart} them!
2. My doggie son - He's family too, but he gets to be listed twice, haha ;p'
3. My friends, especially my dear crafty friends

4. Anything that has to do with Arts and Crafts
5. Kettle Salt and Pepper Chips
6. Chocolate (I've have been craving it a lot lately, haha!)
7. Making people happy :)
8. Where I live ;p'
9. Support from other crafters and supporting other crafters too, meeting crafters from around the world
10. Shopping!!!

1. I love fine arts as well as crafts.

2. I {heart} the artwork of Monet and Seurat.
3. I have an addiction to paper flowers, bling, and buttons...haha!
4. I've never been to Asia or Europe. Would love to someday!
5. I love vintage, cute, shabby chic,...all kinds of styles ;p'.

I truly wish I could pass this award along to everyone that follows and comments on my blog because I totally appreciate all your support. It really means a lot to me. I have to pick here they are...YOU GIRLS ROCK :)!

* Tracy
1. Amy
2. Kiara
3. Ira
4. Friday
5. Liann
Much aloha to Friday and Liann who have followed me and supported me from the beginning of my crafty online journey!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! *hugs* and Much aloha!


Ira said...

Oh you dear girl Steph! Thank you for passing this award also to me! I'll proudly put it on my blog. I especially love this one, because that's how I try to live my life, always look on the bright side! So thanks a bunch!!
Hugs, Ira xox

Friday said...

Thank you so much, Steph. Especially the special shout out. You Totally Rock too. Love your creations. Keep doing it and can't wait for the next Steph's original. Hugs, friday

Amy said...

Thank you for thinking of me with this award Steph! :)