Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Eggs ;p'

haha, don't laugh at me, but I had a ton of fun with this egg decorating kit. it had rollers, sponge triangles, foam applicators (like big eyeshadow ones), and mini brushes and five colors (reddish, yellow, green, blue, and purple) was so fun! The one of the far left had Diamond Head with the ocean and sunset, but to get the "Aloha" in the photo, I cut off the Diamond Head -- awwwe! I like the rainbow and the next one over is a nature scene with a little cottage and trees and stuff, hehe. I guess the kid in me came out ;p'. I wonder if that means I should start painting again. Anyhow, hope you liked it. Or maybe made you smile because of my sillyness. Have a wonderful week!

*hugs* and Much aloha~!


Ira said...

Oh yes, I can see you work your way around these eggs, it's big fun! (did you eat them afterwards?). I'm glad I'm not the only kid in town, LOL! What are we if we cannot act as little ones every now and then, right? Keep having fun Steph!
Hugs, Ira

Tracy said...

I can just imagine you sitting there with your little sponge brush and a big smile painting those eggs. LOL Do you paint? That's one art form I am totally hopeless in. You made me smile so mission accomplished. :)

Friday said...

Hey Steph, I can't wait til my kids have a little bit more creativity. I'm going to join on in. LOL!! So, I soooooo can relate. Don't ashame. I'm a kid at heart and I love decorating eggs. BTW, thanks for leaving sweet comments on my blog. You so Rock!! Hugs, your good friend Friday

Amy said...

Your eggs are beautiful Steph! I love that you painted eggs and it does make me smile! :)