Wednesday, September 9, 2015

~* Creative Midori Challenge for September 2015 *~

Aloha friends!
This year is really zooming by!!!  I created some creative journaling pages for August, but I still need to post them here.
Here are the prompts for @livelifeandcreate #creativemidorichallenge on IG for September 2015 (thanks for hosting another month, Florence!):
Here are my entries for Days 1 through 10:
Day 1: Sprinkle Kindness

Day 2: Something Yellow

Day 3: #widn

Day 4: Dori Stack

Day 5: Starts with D

Day 6: Wishful Thinking

Day 7: Hangry Cravings

Day 8: Upside Down

Day 9: Doodle with One Pen

Day 10: Positive Thoughts Only

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day! 

*hugs* and Much aloha, 
Steph :) 

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