Thursday, October 1, 2015

~* Creative Midori Challenge for September 2015 - Days #11 and on *~

Aloha friends!

This year is really zooming by!!!  

Here are the prompts again for @livelifeandcreate #creativemidorichallenge on IG for September 2015:

Here are my entries for Days 11 through 25, #27, #29.  People got sick and things got busy :p'.  

Day 11: Favorite Accounts

Day 12: Keep It Real

Day 13: Memory Keeping

Day 14: Where You Want To Go

Day 15: Save It For Tomorrow

Day 16: Wild and Free

Day 17: Fitness Goals

Day 18: Inspire Others

Day 19: Good-Bye Summer

Day 20: Autumn Fun

Day 21: Guilty Pleasures

Day 22: Relax

Day 23: Never Have I Ever

Day 24: Write It Down

Day 25: #FlashBackFriday

Day 27: Te Amo

Day 29: Watercolor

Thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well!
*hugs* and Much aloha, 
Steph :) 

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