Thursday, October 6, 2016

~* My Every Day Hawaii Creative Journal - Part 1 *~


Sharing my "Every Day Hawaii Creative Journal" with you!  I purchased this lovely mellondori from @mellonjournal (she has a store on Etsy).  I thought it was the perfect journal cover to document my every day happenings as well as the unique places that I visit here in Hawaii.  I altered a Moleskine notebook with this lovely hibiscus flower print that I had in my stash for awhile now.  I also added images and stickers from the Authentique Utopia collection.  I love the vintage Hawaii feel!  

Here is the first page in my journal.  I used some photos that I took with my Instax.  It is an older model and I have hit or misses with it every time I take photos.  I hate wasting them so I decided to do a creative journal entry.  I used Sakuralala365/Igloo Dining stamps and as well as Amy Tangerine/Sakuralala stamps.  I also brush lettered "North Shore" at the top and watercolored the shrimp truck image and also the page.

Here is a two-page spread that I created of my visit to the North Shore.  I visited Matsumoto Shave Ice store and bought some cute pouches and a cute pink shave ice plushie keychain.  I also got a cool hat.  I took some Instax photos and they came out okay.  I also used a bunch of Hawaii themed washi tape and planner stickers.  The image on the bottom right corner is a Hero Arts stamp that I colored in with my watercolor paints.  

We were able to visit the new Foodland Farms at Ala Moana the other day.  I took brochures and cut them up as ephemera.  They had a cool map of the store.  I also took an Instax photo of this Kim Chee Poke Sauce that my hubby had purchased.  And there is the receipt that I washitaped in later.

I was looking into buying some type of photo printer.  I thought about it a lot.  One reason for purchasing the Instax SP-2 Printer was that I heard that the quality was good and also I wanted to use my Instax film that I purchased more effectively versus using my Instax camera, which is always a gamble.  I like it!  I am also eyeing another printer, the HP Sprocket.  I saw the prints are they are really nice and they are adhesive prints!  The Sprocket is cheaper than the Instax SP-2 and so is the film.  Ah, another thing to add to my wishlist :p'.  

Here's a two-page spread that I created for my first fall drink at Starbucks.  I bought a Salted Caramel Mocha.  I used the coffee sleeve holder in my spread as well as photos I printed on my Instax SP-2 printer.  I also brushlettered with my watercolors and added stickers and a business card.  Good fun documenting life!

And last, but not least, a spread about my first Pumpkin Spice Latte.  They had a special pumpkin spice whip starting today!  It was pretty yummy!  I brushlettered and added a photo I printed from my Instax SP-2 printer.

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Much love and aloha,
Steph :)
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Cami said...

I enjoyed "traveling" with you through your notebook! Great journaling and fun images, Steph!